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Staff Style

Corporate Culture

Staff Style

Nurture the style of the staff, and play the music of happiness 
1. March 12 Tree Planting Day
Shoots yearning for green, seedlings hurrying for growth 
Right in March
Right today
The wind is green
The laughters are green 
The songs are green
Plant hopes, and we harvest a ray of sunshine
2. March 22 Happy Vegetables Garden
Appreciating the atmosphere of farms, integrating ourselves into nature
The tour on the farm allowed us to revisit the pastoral rural life in the past, and the memories of our fathers and mothers working hard on the fields. Return to nature, and appreciate nature. This activity strengthened communications among colleagues who helped and learned from each other! It enhanced the cohesion, centripetal force, and combat effectiveness of the team! Enjoy the warmth of get-together, speak out the words at the bottom of your heart, recount the fun of planting vegetables, recall the past, exchange feelings, and kindle the new fighting spirit…